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GOD looked down and saw a child whom HIS favor would be granted and through whom HIS plan could be fulfilled; a virtuous woman with a contagious and humbled spirit who ministers with authority and clarity….Calandra Sumpter


Calandra is a native of Kansas City, MO graduating from Southwest High School.  She holds an Associate Degree in Psychology-Christian Counseling with a bachelor’s degree focused in interdisciplinary studies: behavioral science and communications.  Calandra is the proud mother of David, Chris and Alleyia but carries the title of Nana to Julius, Journee and Givonni dear to her heart


One thing about Calandra is she truly loves God's people, and she is very compassionate about evangelism and ministering to broken people. Her objective is to deliver the uncompromising Word of GOD so that people will be propelled into living the Word while applying the Word. Proven to be a faithful servant, Calandra Sumpter accepted her ministry call in 1999 and since then, she has been preaching and teaching the Word of GOD with total conviction.

Under the phenomenal leadership of Apostle Larry B. Aiken and Pastor Olivia C.Q. Aiken of Memorial Church International. Calandra is the Executive Pastor of Connections and Small Groups.  She also serves diligently with the altar ministry, ministers alliance and signs praises with the Vision of Praise Choir and Praise Team.

Along with being a Pastor and ministry leader, she is also an entrepreneur.  Calandra is the owner of D’Vine Connections where she takes pride in providing a safe atmosphere to women while cultivating their spiritual and natural beauty.  Her gifted hands have been transforming the unique hairstyles of many women for 31 years.  Calandra’s most recent accomplishment is the release of her book, Rejection didn't create me, God did!

This book is designed to expose the Spirit of rejection and to give some insight, encouragement and advice on how to heal from it.


One of her favorite scriptures is Philippians 4: 11-13, "I've learned how to be content in whatever state I'm in". Her heart beats for the ways of God and she is on a mission to empower the people of God.

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